Why are VPN companies located in the United States insecure?

In March 2017, the US Congress passed a bill. The content is a bit shocking. (Internet Service Provider: Internet companies such as AT&T and Verizon) It allowed ISP collect and sell logs without the user’s permission. <Related News: (guardian), (Washington Post)>

That means that the internet users living in legal boundary of United States have been facing with the reality of their personal browsing history being subject to be sold since late 2017. After the legislation had passed, there were many changes made in personal information privacy on internet uses.

Let us find out what kind of data the US ISPs use or sell.

Your Internet browsing habits have certain patterns. Simply because you surf the net based on your interest, needs and sometimes very sensitive subjects. The data collected by ISPs based on your browsing history can be treasure to some people, because main concerns on your health, political interest, financial matters, shopping, even your sexual orientations could be exposed and abused. The most of ISP argue that those kinds of information should not be considered as ‘sensitive’ claiming that they just show advertisements that are more relevant to users.

ISP sell the collected data of your browsing history to advertisers, with the data relating to your browsing behavior allows them to offer highly personalized targeted advertising. You might have wondered why all the advertisements pop up something you were interested in before. Basically, your personal privacy does not exist in this modern internet environment.

After the law had passed that the most experts on Internet security suggested to use VPN, and use already encrypted websites – marked out with HTTPS at the beginning of the URL. And yet something they weren’t able to see was the US VPN companies located in US is not exempted from enforcing the privacy policy, which means US VPN companies still can sell out users log to anyone who is willing to buy personal information.

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I strongly recommend users to use safer faster VPN located outside of US if you were more sensitive Internet user who worry much about your personal information getting leaked to the others.

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