An Inconvenient Truth about VPN Not Known to People

Most of people think that using a VPN will change their IP so it will be ‘safe’, but in fact it is not 100 percent. And before using it there are things you need to consider. Famous VPN companies that are used by a huge number of people will pay tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars per month to maintain, so how do you keep it “free”? Say that you who read this article spends half of your salary running a VPN server, and you even make a very friendly and easy-to-use app so that internet users can use it for free. Will you do that for no reason? Are free VPN program companies World Peace Organization like an NGO that generously give everything to make people enjoy a free internet world through IP bypass with under a motto “Unlimited Sacrifice for humanity”?

We will tell you that there is no such a thing as free lunch.

Abusing personal Information by Free VPN

It is a totally different story from using premium VPN, VPN service can be a fairly expensive business to maintain. It takes a lot of money to repair and manage a huge amount of traffic (data usage) and numerous VPN servers in different countries and people want it to be a fast at the same time. By the way, why are the most of VPN companies providing these services for free? Never. It’s not like that. What kind of crazy companies with dozens or hundreds of employees in the world will give people a VPN server for free for years, not even a few days? You might think it was ‘free’, but in fact, they were able to maintain their companies by selling your information. Let us take a look at some cases.

The tricky bugs hiding in a free VPN: Free Android VPN App Risks

“An Analysis of the Privacy and Security Risks of Android VPN permission-enabled Apps.”

The above article is a very detailed data [PDF] of a survey of free VPNs for IP bypass uploaded on the Android Playstore by CSIRO (Australian Federal Scientific Industry Research Organization *Government Agency). It was released in August 2016 and is quite worth reading. Since above article is quite long that I will try to make it as simple as possible.

The cases listed in the report that the Android apps are situated in more vulnerable environments because all kinds of apps can be easily uploaded, compared to the apps uploaded on Apple store which has a more controlled environment. Regardless of app environments, all the information recorded in the free fast VPN servers can be sold out for sure.

The most free VPN save your log

In the past, a lot of VPN companies’ “Terms of Service” and ”Privacy Policy” said it could store and use your information such as visit records, ip addresses, cookies, and so on. But after being badly criticized by news and the other VPN reviews, most of them changed the terms and conditions to say “We don’t store it, it’s safe!” And yet if you send an email to a VPN company and ask, “How can you run a company if you don’t sell your information to others? They may not give you a definite answer, even if they did they would say, “Yes we make our profit using advertisements exposure.”

It is the reason why that we need to find a premium VPN and fast VPN with reasonable price. Just make sure when you choose your VPN that they don’t record your logs and ip addresses. Be wise and never get cheated with free VPN companies.

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