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First, for those who do not know about VPN, you can see more here; it is called a virtual private network, to shorten VPN. The article is not to discuss the professional aspects of VPN but to help normal Internet users find an easy way to access to the restricted internet environment using virtual private network called VPN.  So, the question here is that you can just use the internet, but why you have to go through a VPN while you can access to most of Internet contents? The reason is that once you pass through the VPN, all communication records are encrypted, thus making it difficult for others to decrypt and not revealing where you have accessed to.  In the case of overseas sites, there are cases where access is restricted in your country.  When you find some difficulties, if you use a VPN, it will make you bypass which country you have accessed from, so you can access to sites that have not been able to reach before. And we will discuss

  1. Not to expose personal information on the net

As mentioned at the outset, if you use a virtual private network called VPN, whether it is free trial VPN or premium VPN it does not leave “your internet usage trace”.  In other words, it is sometimes used to make it difficult to track you elsewhere.  However, these uses are rarely used for such purposes as they are used to hide illegal activities like the example of “torrent download”.

2. Payment using the difference in amount between countries such as Youtube and Netflix

As the title suggests, in the case of sites (such as YouTube / Netflix) that are operated for multiple countries, the price policy is inevitably different because prices vary depending on the country.  Because of this policy, there are many cases where a VPN is used to change the country to a country with a lower price than your country. For example, YouTube can be used for 99 Rupee (about $1.42) if you connect through a VPN to India, say India VPN, but in the USA price is about $12 per month. Netflix is ​​also cheaper if you pay through other countries such as Indonesia, India, and Colombia through a VPN. As a result, you wish to save money? use a fast VPN, more compact and cheaper, worthy to try ones? this is a reference , give it a try !

3. Used to access blocked sites and pay for overseas for direct purchase

In some cases, if you try to access the website, you may not be able to enter it even though it is the official website, and if you make a “payment in USA”, there are many cases where payment is rejected after certain pause. 

* If there is an official importer in the USA, an exclusive contract is made to prevent “direct purchase” from abroad, and thus some direct payment restrictions are implied to maximize their profits. 

Therefore, if you bypass through USA VPN, you can access sites that you could not enter, and payments may be made at places where payment was rejected.  However, in the case of payment, depending on the site, even if you bypass through the VPN, it may still be rejected, so we cannot guarantee 100%.  So, it’s a good idea to find out about the site’s payment methods and go look for suitable VPNs for your purpose. For instance, Ultrafast VPN supplies you accesses to: USA, Singapore, Australia, Japan, EU,..

4. If you live abroad, and want to access some restricted site in your country

This is an exceptional situation, and in many cases, VPNs are used to use the contents that have locked from viewing abroad countries.  In the case of YouTube, depending on the content, if you use it overseas, you might have seen that it says “This content is blocked in your country from Viewing.” In particular, in the case of China, Internet censorship is very severe, so there are a lot of international students who use VPN because they rarely can access foreign sites. On business application, when dealing with work coming from abroad, for instance you have some business need to be dealt with in Indonesia with a lot of data involved, VPN is used, because if you connect through a VPN than when connecting to a general network in the USA, you can use the Internet at a faster speed when connected through VPN using Indonesian server.

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